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Recycled Packaging

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Spectra are continuing to respond to ever increasing demands for environmentally responsible products from a range of customers wishing to make a difference.

For a number of years now, Spectra have provided PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) products to a growing number of customers wishing to adopt a greener approach with their packaging.

Made from a combination of recycled plastic products and an environmentally kinder alternative to materials that would normally be disposed of in landfill sites, PCR can be recycled again for new manufacturing, offering genuine sustainability.

Sourced from the UK and Europe, Spectra's PCR is available to customers in a variety of strengths - from 5% up to 100%. Spectra's

In addition to PCR, Spectra has also seen a growing demand for their Biopolymer materials, which are made from renewable sources.

Biopolymer is different to conventional polyethylene because it is produced from the waste product of sugarcane, eliminating the use of fossil based raw materials that are so harmful to the environment.

The renewable sugarcane captures CO2 from the atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biopolymer is also recyclable, which means landfill dumping is greatly reduced, offering customers a genuine sustainable packaging solution.

Spectra’s biopolymer plastic maintains the same chemical properties as conventional HDPE and PET, which means there is no difference in performance or appearance to the end result.

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