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Liz Earle

Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare (LENAS) recently put their trust in Suffolk based packaging company Spectra Packaging to produce bottles for their new Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash and Liz Earle Hand Repair products.

For any new packaging company seeking approval, arguably, none come more highly than the exacting standards demanded by award winning botanical skincare specialists, Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare.

Errol Mills, Packaging Manager at LENAS, commented: "Spectra met every challenge with clear thinking and a positive attitude, providing Liz Earle with a product that only served to enhance our brand in the marketplace".

Spectra Sales Director, Jonathan Powell, enthused: "We are extremely proud to have been given the opportunity from Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare. Winning a prestigious order like this can only help reassure future customer's of Spectra's abilities".

With their range of premium skincare products, LENAS have won plaudits worldwide for both exceptional quality and service, and their ethical policy towards the ingredients chosen in their products.

Product in safe hands

Thanks to an already successful relationship with Spectra's colour polymer sister company Broadway Colours, LENAS were confident that high quality combined with a flexible and innovative approach would be the only outcome when choosing Spectra. It soon became clear to LENAS that the expertise and experience of Spectra's staff was reassurance enough that their new products would be in the safest of hands.

Spectra met every challenge with clear thinking and a positive attitude, providing Liz Earle with a product that only served to enhance our brand in the marketplace.

The project itself was far from simple, and the challenges that lay ahead would certainly test Spectra's expertise. As an award winning provider of beauty products, Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare expects their packaging to deliver great results. Spectra had to be inventive and dynamic in order to meet Liz Earle's exacting requirements, and expectations, while at the same time proving that the trust was not misplaced.

Tooling exclusivity

For example, they wanted their Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash and Liz Earle Hand Repair produced in HDPE for a matt finish, rather than using PET or PETG. Spectra Packaging designed and tooled a square shaped container that would not only enhance the stylish etched Valois pump, but would also complement the Liz Earle brand, creating a classic and sleek appearance. Furthermore, Spectra also agreed to grant Liz Earle limited period tooling exclusivity, ensuring a 'first to market' advantage over their competitors. It was only after an agreed limited period, that the 200ml and 150ml Tall Squares were integrated into their own range of standards.

Pumps - left to close, front to open

One definite request from Liz Earle was that the pumps had to point to the left when closed, and face to the front when open so that the customers had the pump facing towards them when using the products. At first glance not a problem you'd think, however, this required immeasurable tooling expertise to guarantee the desired effect. Countless tooling tests and exact neck thread tolerances ensuring the pump would always turn and return to the exact position providing a simple, dependable and usable design.

Print solution

This however created another challenge for Spectra. How to print four colours on the correct front face without showing any signs of a print location point, a much easier exercise when printing on circular surfaces. Again, Spectra devised a clever solution ensuring no visible print registration would compromise the end result or design.

Many packaging companies make brave claims about providing the "complete packaging solution", and it was certainly the case with this particular project for Spectra. However, the company managed to provide a complete service that involved an inspired design process, meticulous tooling, ultra accurate 4 pass printing and polymer colouring that was consistent from batch to batch.

This service was reinforced by project management that always reassured Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare from the very first brief to the final delivery.